• STARMITES was the most satisfying and unifying theatrical experience in my 17 years of H.S. theater.  My entire staff and I couldn't and wouldn't stop dreaming and creating.  There's nothing in STARMITES that's impossible or wrong for schools.  The variety of melodies offers something for every vocal range in school from the highest soprano to the lowest base, and the songs will live in the students' minds forever.  Acting, music, dance, tech: pick and choose your strong suit, and the rest just happens and works.  Up to now I would never consider repeating a show, but after STARMITES, I would.
  • Len Borovay, South Sachem H.S.

  • PERFORMING STARMITES has created more enthusiasm than any other show we have produced. The amazing thing is that people of all ages truly enjoy STARMITES.  The music, the characters, the genuine humor make it contemporary in style and classic in appeal.  After performing the show, we had kids come to the cast and not ask how you join our company, but rather how you can become a Starmite!  STARMITES is truly an adventure story--that accounts for much of the interest and the reason people saw the show more than once.  The music is fantastic.  The rock music is infectious; plus beautiful ballads, a great 50's number, a 40's swing number and a real show stopping spiritual.  We are doing STARMITES again!
  • High Copeland - The Hurrah Players

  • STARMITES gave us the flexibility to have over 200 kids either in or involved in the show. We turned the whole school into starmites.
  • Pat Volkmer - Saxton M.S.

  • It's as if STARMITES were designed for high school or college groups.  Our audience went nuts for the show! It was our best selling show ever!  STARMITES was very adaptable to our needs.  There were so many fun things I could do creatively.  We designed the set so it had ramps, and I had a great chase scene with the Banshees on roller skates and the Starmites on skateboards! I still have people coming up to me months after the show's run, telling me how much they loved STARMITES.
  • Jerry O' Connor - Roncalli H.S.